Wednesday 7 August 2019

Freshers Take Part In Growing The Green Cover At Desh Bhagat University, Best University In Punjab

Best University in Punjab - Desh Bhagat University

“Trees are the kindest things we know” a line picked up from one of the nursery rhymes so aptly captures the crux of all the environmental summits and the essence of all the think tanks on the issue. Things have been so simple yet we have been wrestling with the ever-diminishing number of trees and green cover on the planet. We know what nature has in store for the inhabitants of this planet if we don’t mend our ways.

Fighting the challenge of depleting green cover and the ramifications of the same, in the best university in Punjab and top universities in IndiaDesh Bhagat University has been for years encouraging its students, faculty, and staff to plant trees. Keeping up the with the tradition the incoming batches of the students are given a sapling each which they are required to plant and care for till the time it becomes self-sustainable. The same is the practice with the graduates passing out of the University. They have gifted the saplings at the times of convocation. Alumni meet also follow the trend

We need to make it greener. The essentials of life are still very simple. And with that philosophy and the rationale to preserve the environment, in best university in Punjab and top universities in India - Desh Bhagat University celebrates Van Mahotsav every August and goes on an extensive plantation drive.

And the green campus stands testimony to the fact. Another very interesting and humane instance that you would come across on the University campus is that the sprawling 35 acres not only abounds in trees -tall and healthy but many of these have been equipped with small, very cute birdhouses. Who knows the worth of a roof over our heads better than, human beings?  And these birdhouses are all occupied. Very often you would see the birds feeding their chicks or peeping out of these small yet thoughtfully designed houses. It is a delight to watch them.

May the forests be with you. May nature bless you. May you be as happy as the trees you plant. That should be the shape of the blessings and wishes we exchange. Trees are the interface between the divine and the humans. Let’s establish a good rapport with the divine. Let’s preserve and grow our natural resources.

Best University in Punjab - Desh Bhagat University

Best University in Punjab - Desh Bhagat University

Best University in Punjab - Desh Bhagat UniversityBest University in Punjab - Desh Bhagat University


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