Monday 8 July 2019

In The Best University In Punjab Desh Bhagat University Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor honored by Governor of Punjab

Desh Bhagat University - Best University in Punjab

The Jain community celebrated the 100th birth anniversary of Acharya Shri Maha Pragha Ji in Punjab Raj Bhavan, Chandigarh. Governor of Punjab and Administrator of Chandigarh Sri VP Singh Badnaur attended this event as Chief Guest. In the best university in Punjab and in top universities in India, Desh Bhagat University Chancellor Dr. Zora Singh and Pro-Chancellor, Dr. Tejinder Kaur was specially invited. On this occasion, Dr. Zora Singh and Dr. Tejinder Kaur honored by Governor VP Singh Badanur for their contribution in the field of education.

While expressing happiness for choosing the Raj Bhavan for this program, Governor said that the Punjab Raj Bhawan is such a place where cultural activities of every religion, community are continued and saints come here for their programs. He informed that when Saint Muni Shri Vinay Kumar came to me with an invitation for this program, I asked him where it would be organized. He said that the place is not fixed yet, and when I say that if the beginning of the centenary year is to be done with the Raj Bhawan, and then what you see today is in front of you.

On this occasion, Dr. Zora Singh said that Sri Mahapragya's personality was very amazing and he always showed the path of humanity, harmony and characteristic values. He also said that Sri Acharya Mahapragya Seminary Hall has been set up at Desh Bhagat University.

Pro-Chancellor Tejinder Kaur said that in every country, the students are being provided training of all types to move forward in life, but What is the religion? What is Spirituality? These are all going away from the students. Keeping this in view, Desh Bhagat University has taken the decision that along with professional training, students should be given knowledge of Spirituality. This small step can revolutionize student life.


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