Wednesday 29 April 2020

World Book Day-2020 Celebrations at Desh Bhagat University in Top Universities in India

The Literary Club of Desh Bhagat University celebrated World Book Day 2020 on April 23rd 2020 to honor authors, books worldwide and to promote & inculcate the habit of reading among its students.
Amidst COVID-19, when most of the schools and colleges around the world are closed due to lockdown and people are not spending their time outside, Staff and Students of best university in Punjab and in top universities in India, Desh Bhagat University decided to use the power of books in combating isolation, reinforcing ties between people, expanding our horizons by using mind and creativity.
On this day Desh Bhagat University organized a digital conference, where participants shared their views on the importance and benefits of good reading habits. Various types of online activities were organized for learners on the day like “Favourite Book Summary” in which the students were asked to write a paragraph on their favourite book and submit that to their class.
The University provided links of online literature books to its students on the day, especially of Shakespeare and short-story books of Indian English authors like R. K. Narayan as Literature Books teach the values of life even if one is sitting at home Dr. Zora Singh, Chancellor & Dr. Tejinder Kaur, Pro Chancellor Desh Bhagat University congratulated the staff members and students for their unique endeavor to celebrate World Book Day and said, The whole world is fighting with CORONA disease and it is our duty to follow the lockdown rules and it is a great opportunity to realize the significance of reading and enrich our knowledge , treasure and generate a lifelong love for books. Vice Chancellor Desh Bhagat University appreciated the efforts of staff members to encourage students to participate in the activity and arrange a platform where one can open up and express their feelings to others despite distance.


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