Tuesday 9 February 2016

Faculty Development Programme At Desh Bhagat University

Desh Bhagat University is presently observing Faculty Development Programme month. In this chain, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Department of Aeronautical Engineering organised a one day refresher programme. Its objective was to update the knowledge and skills of its faculty and keep them equipped with the latest information in their respective fields. University Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Shalini Gupta inaugurated the event in which more than hundred faculty and staff members of the university participated. Disclosing this, Dr. Shalini Gupta said that the aim of education is individual as well as societal improvement and the teachers are agents for this overall development and improvement. The aim of these FDP progrmmes, is to prepare teachers for the stupendous task of making the students not only successful managers, administrators, technicians and entrepreneurs but also ideal human beings. The Resource Person on this occasion was Col. Venudhar Singh who presented a lecture on ‘Project Management’. He defined Project Management with specific application to IT and expressed that every teacher must be updated and they have to know about their respective subjects exceptionally well. He stressed that quality teaching is the need of the hour which can promote creativity, analytical thinking and innovative solutions. He also shared his ideas and experiences on different topics and satisfied the queries of the faculty members. Appreciating the initiative, university Chancellor Dr. Zora Singh and Pro Chancellor Tejinder Kaur hoped that the FDP's chalked out by the university will go a long way in updating the knowledge and sharpening the skills of the faculty, which will ultimately benefit the students and will help them in their multi-functional growth. At the end of the programme, Director Faculty of Engineering and Technology Dr. Pardeep Singh Cheema thanked the learned speaker for spending his valuable time and assured that it will prove quite useful for the faculty members.


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