Saturday 28 September 2019

Best University In Punjab Desh Bhagat University Organised Industrial Visit At Swaraj Automotive

Best B. Tech Mechanical Engineering College - Desh Bhagat University

The students of best university in Punjab and best mechanical engineering college Desh Bhagat University had been to an Industrial tour to Mahindra & Mahindra (Swaraj PTL Divison), Mohali For the students of Mechanical stream. The Swaraj brand has a rich history emerging from the spike in the demand for tractors during the Green Revolution of the mid-sixties.

Punjab Tractors Ltd (PTL) purchased the design in 1970, and they inherited nearly forty years of experience when they acquired PTL in 2008. In addition to strong presence in India, Swaraj tractors are used across the world in the US, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Ghana. In each region they enter, seek to provide farmers with tractors and implements precisely suited to their agricultural conditions, helping them maximize their prosperity. Around 47 students accompanied by 3 Faculty members had been a part of this enriching experience. The students had got an opportunity to see and learn about the different range of tractors starts from 22 HP to 72 HP, and also compatible wheel-type and track-type harvesters. Our students learnt about tractor models which were developed by their own R&D. The students were also instructed by the staff members of Swaraj Division


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