Tuesday 9 February 2016

Mount Everest Climber Ram Lal Sharma Honoured And Made Youth Ambassador By Desh Bhagat University

Desh Bhagat University today became the first university of the country by making Mount Everest climber Ram Lal Sharma its Youth Ambassador and honouring him at its campus for entering his name among the top achievers of the country by scaling the Mount Everest at such a young age. Mr. Ram Lal has now set himself on a daunting mission of undertaking the seven-continent summit expedition, never undertaken by an Indian. Coming from a very humble background, Ram Lal, the son of a fruit seller, is also a part of the Colors Channel's "Mission Sapne" series. Ram Lal's summit climb is a part of his initiative of World Peace Seven expedition. He embarks on his second summit climb of the expedition to Mount Elbrus in the month of July and thus, he will become one of the youngest Indians to scale the Mount Elbrus of Europe. The other peaks that he will scale subsequently are Cerro Aconcagua (South America), Mckinley (Denali, North America), Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mount Vinson (Antarctica) and Carstenz Pyramid (Australia). After this particular achievement, he will not only become the youngest Indian ever to scale seven continents of the world but also the only Indian to achieve this feat. Greatly enthused by the honour showered on him by Desh Bhagat University in his initiative, Ram Lal says this is the first educational institution which has supported an effort which is not only inspiring for the youth but also a matter of pride for every Indian. He feels that this university is truly dedicated to educate the youth of today as opposed to the recent trend of leading the youth towards glamour industry. Carrying the flag of Desh Bhagat University to all seven peaks, Ram Lal says that DBU will be the first university in India to scale heights in its efforts and commitment to the nation. Announcing Ram Lal as one of the youth ambassadors and congratulating him, Dr. Zora Singh, Chancellor Desh Bhagat University, said the University wants to create and support role models for the youth of the nation. He said the university is completely dedicated to providing quality education to masses. Congratulating Ram Lal on his efforts and wishing him all success, Pro Chancellor Tajinder Kaur said that Ram Lal will also be interacting with the university students regularly, sharing his experience of the summit climb and thus inspiring the youth to dream high, think high and attain heights in life. Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Shalini Gutpa applauded Mr. Ram Lal's achievement and spirit of adventure saying that the decision to make him the university's youth ambassador has been taken to motivate his indomitable spirit and to encourage the youth to think and dream big. Registrar Dr. Virinder Singh also congratulated Mr. Sharma on his achievement and conveyed him his best wishes for the success of his forthcoming mission.


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